Mission & Strategy

5Global Viewers – Global Distribution

"Hot Heart Story" is a film with powerful emotions and synergistic music. The film touches on multiple issues in the modern world in which we live in and resonates with current influencing generations who listen to a variety of music and communicate via social networking sites. Smartphones, tablets, and PC's are not just props, they expose the realities and truth about the world as a whole in modern times on a global level. The African environment in the film focuses on many dramatic problems - war, famine, forced emigration, child soldiers and others. But it is also a place where the beautiful nature, culture, interesting people and amazing adventures allow you to find your place in paradise.

We include a modern presentation and way of viewing things through different continents, cultures and societies and original language soundtracks that give the unique feeling of really being in the flow of events. Each viewer is lead to find their own point of view, regardless of their location on the map, culture, language and beliefs.

Together with an international theater and DVD release, an innovative digital distribution and promotion model is an initiative we plan to use to the fullest through the knowledge of our progressive team.