Animation & Sound

"Hot Heart Story" is a 90 minute animated 2D and 3D film designated for distribution in both 2D and 3D theatres. Actors, means of transportation, props, animated nature and a few elements of non-animated nature are modeled; locations are mainly flat with a matte texture. The Graphic Stylization is based on photography containing all of the elements – figures of characters, animals, locations, interiors, props and forms of transportation. The special task is to accentuate and actualize the models and recreate their facial expressions.  "Hot Heart Story" is infused with music.

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We are working with some worldwide known African bands as well as independent hip-hop artists to provide the most natural, modern and attractive backdrop to the picture. The feature language of the production is English with two other dubbed languages (Polish and French). Independently from the feature language, the dialogue contains five other subtitled languages. The variety of sounds make this picture rich with multicultural and universal meanings.