Story Summary

DUNKA signed poster"Hot Heart Story" is a tale about DUNKA, a girl from a small poor seaside town, who makes the decision to escape her frozen and snow-covered home in search of a better life with money and comfort. While working as a kitchen assistant on a freighter, she is involved in the rescue of a sinking boat full of African refugees. In the aftermath of the boat rescue, Dunka takes a now orphaned Sudanese child survivor named DAVID under her care. This unforeseen event takes her through Africa on a dangerous journey that provides her what is truly most important in life. In Morocco her prejudices and simple view of the world have to confront the image of a complex, multicultural world. After rescuing David and falling in love with BASTIEN, a humanitarian doctor, her frozen heart begins to beat with the hot rhythm of Africa. She cannot appreciate the value of meeting him, but fate and a now open heart compels her to follow Bastien, who is on his way to the city of Wau with David, taking him home safely. Dunka goes after them, but before she reaches the Nazareth Hospital in the south of Sudan she will meet child-soldiers in the war-torn Sahara (Mali); receive Arab hospitality of a Tuareg family; be saved from a crash of a smuggling Dakota airplane in the Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda) by an unknown mute sculptor; become friends with a Catholic missionary Mutebi; and fall in the middle of the economic struggle between Chinese and Russians, from which Buddha kindly rescues her. What is most important to her? A better life? Money? Adventure? Dunka learns that ”The most important things in life are not things at all” as she gets to her final destination with an attack of a terrible form of malaria which almost never allows its victims to survive.

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