We are an international team, bringing our rich experiences to "Hot Heart Story".

AUTHOR& DIRECTOR: Anira Wojan ART DIRECTOR: Pavel Szanajca DESIGNER: Mario Foltak CORPORATE PRODUCER: Anna Dziumowicz EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Julia Mafalda STORY DIRECTOR: Grant Blaisdell  STARRING: Hela Mar PHOTOGRAPHY:Chiara Samugheo TOONS: Stanislaw Zurek VISUALIZER: Andrew J.P.  CASTING: Adam Mkangwa

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More about us:

AUTHOR&DIRECTOR: Anira Wojan - writer, journalist, director and producer. The author of "i" (philosophical novel, 2004), "Infidel" (action novel, 2006) and "Teranga – Welcome Home!" (adventure novel, 2009). Publicist for many Polish magazines. She's the author and producer of the documentaries: "Zaćmienie Piątego Słońca"/"Eclipse of the Fifth Sun" (for TVP2), "Henryk Mikołaj Górecki" (for TVP2), "Eustachy.Projekt" (for the French foundation EKO) and "Portret z Cieniem"/"Portrait with a Shadow" (for the Jan Kossakowski Foundation).

ART DIRECTOR: Pavel Szanajca - painter and art director. He was the art director of the online music TV "Gramy.TV" and created over 3,000 hours of art programming (graphic and art design). As a painter he established his own visual language of non-conformism characterised by minimalist colours and abbreviated forms. He also used to play saxophone in the Polish cult bands Kult and Israel during the 80's & early 90's.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Mario Foltak - artist and graphic designer, finished studies at the Art University in Breslau. Mariusz Foltak a.k.a Felek worked for 10 years in London. His works have won funding competitions from the Polish Film Institute.

STORY DIRECTOR: Grant Blaisdell - born and based in Los Angeles, Grant is a media entrepreneur, producer, as well as an independent music artist and songwriter for multiple American artists. Grant is the founder and executive producer for the independent media label FreeWay Conglomerate, and has executive produced and directed multiple music videos. He has worked in the film industry worldwide and assisted with full length feature films and scripts, e.g. "Shrek – the True Story", "Satan's flight" and "The Rising".

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Julia Mafalda - photojournalist, TV reporter and publicist. Julia has worked as a photographer and journalist in Paris, Rome, Cairo and Los Angeles. Her articles and pieces have been published in multiple magazines and online. She has also worked for two major Polish television companies - Polsat and TVP. Apart from her photographic skills and duties in the production team, she is also a key executive.

MAIN PHOTOGRAPHY: Chiara Samugheo - known as the first notable Italian female photographer. Her photographs represent authentic, vivid memories of an era and many have been used as covers of prestigious magazines all over the world. She has received 41 photography awards, among them: «Oscar of the Two Worlds», «Minerva Award», «La Venere d'argento», «Ferrania Award», «Fotocine club of Mantova», «Press Award of Sanremo», «Internationl Photojournalist Award».

VISUALISER: Andrew J.P. - graduated in Fine Arts and Architechture of Interiors in Cracow, he was working in Italy for ten years as interior architect. After studing in the International Comics School, he now  lives and works in France. He is collaborating with the major publicity agencies such as McCann-Erickson, TBWA, J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam making layouts, key frames and storyboards in various international campaigns.

CORPORATE PRODUCER: Agnieszka Dziumowicz - TV and radio producer. Agnieszka has 25 years of experience as a producer in Polish Television and Polish Radio.